VIP Bottle Service

Going out in New York City should be fun and enjoyable. It shouldn’t involve waiting in long lines in inclement weather and spending half the night fighting for the bartender’s attention for an overpriced drink.

Not only will our nightlife concierge plan out every detail for your night out, but we will work with your budget to provide affordable pricing packages so you and your friends can have a fun night out without breaking the bank.

Think of us as the best friend you always wanted – one with a million connections who can always get you into the best spots, without waiting in line. works with the trendiest hot spots in New York City including 1 OAK, Troy Liquor Bar, Gansevoort Rooftop, Up & Down, and so much more. Send us a message to experience exclusive access to these exciting venues, an agreed-upon bottle price, table service, and your own seating area!

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